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Hey pals!

Thanks for coming on over to check out what that weird ad was all about. Yes it's a real project!

It's also a brand spanking new collective but we've upgraded over at our new website. Head over here to see what it's all about!

We've got a couple of key skills that we're looking for for our first project, but please don't worry if you don't fit any of those boxes. This is a long term endeavour and there'll be so many ways you can get involved.

Why was GivenaPhuck started?

I don't know about you but I'm glad I read that IPCC report before breakfast because it would have hit the toilet bowl faster than Scott Morrison leaves the country in a crisis. It didn't tell us anything that scientists haven't been clearly telling us for decades, but it did remind us of two things. 

We need all hands on deck right now. 


It's not too late. 

But we need everyone to stop agonising and start organising (see point one). 


I was joking (ranting) to a friend about how it is literally the job of a government to strategically plan, mitigate risks and take action and how I knew event producers who could do a better job at running the country on a smaller budget. It struck me that it'd be real awesome to get these creatives together, many who are already involved in various forms of activism, and see what we can achieve together. 


But not only can we create something out of nothing, we make life fun. We entertain. We inspire. If we can convince people to take a punt on our weird little shows we can do absolutely anything.

Our first project is an online telethon style event and we are PUMPED. We're also working on classes for climate. What we also have the capacity to do is help you form a working group if you have a great idea that you need help with. 

Artists are incredible. I know that, you know that. So let's do this thing!

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